Samich s.r.l is one of the pioneer companies in the diamond disc technology industry for concrete floor cleaning, polishing and grinding marble, granite, concrete and any other floors. Samich is a world-wide specialized manufacturer of diamond tools for surfaces preparation and polished concrete.

In addition to manufacturing our specialized diamond tools, we have collaborated with some grinding and polishing machine manufacturers to develop Samich-customized machines that fix/use our diamond tools and accessories.

Contractors and construction companies all over the world are having a great deal of success with the various Samich solutions available. Our company is determined to develop and improve continuously our products by investing time and resources in the research and development of new and improved technologies.

Samich s.r.l regularly offers free specialized training courses on the appropriate use of diamond tools for grinding, polishing and surface preparation.

We have enclosed some detailed literature of our product selection. If you require any further information or for any specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Legend 750

is a versatile and extraordinary machine for grinding and polishing all types of surfaces such as GRANITE, MARBLE, TERRAZZO and CONCRETE.

With a 15 or 20 hp motor and a Planetario system that’s gear driven and not belt drive, cuts, grinds and polishes anywhere between 300 – 1300 rpm with a cutting surface of 30.4”.

A quick attack tool system enables you to change tools quickly to complete your project in a timely fashion.

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is a knee and back saving machine designed to work close to any edge.

Its new design allows you to move the machine in any direction with ease whether its grinding or polishing.

It has two counter rotating heads making it balanced and easy to use. It is equipped with a water tank and a vacuum attachment allowing you to work wet or dry.


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Vertical Legend

is a one of the most versatile machines in the market.

Vertical Legend can be used on any vertical surface, like granite, marble, concrete etc…

It is ideal for many applications such as walls, stairs, countertops and hard to reach places. It has variable speed control and an incorporated vacuum system allowing you to work clean wet or dry.

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Legend Floor Hand Grinder

Legend super hand grinder

New Edge and Corners MULTI FEATURES Hand Grinder
· The Unique in the Worldwide, with adjustable head
· IP 54 Water and Dust proof

Legend super hand grinder is the ideal machine to achieve a perfect polishing of countertop, shelves, tables and narrow areas. It can be used as a Concrete or Marble edge grinder, as well as a stairs bush-hammer and as a joint chaser thanks to its extra accessories.

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Mito 750

Mito series introduces the innovative DCS System that puts in one machine only the features of two different ones.

• Using the Challenger in counter rotating modality it is a performing grinding and polishing machine for concrete, marble and natural stone floors.

• Using the machine in DCS System modality the speed of the satellites is increased turning the Mito in to a high performance industrial floor preparation machine.

Suitable for fast removal of resins and glues, for fast exposing of the aggregates and for fast levelling of very uneven surfaces.

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is a small machine with large capabilities.

It has many attachments allowing you to clean and polish where other machines can’t.

Being square MINIPOWER is the BEST solution for polishing corners and hard to reach places.



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Terminator 320

Terminator 320

is a special machine designed for:

  • Grinding very uneven floors before grinding with the classic grinding machines.
  • Removal of resins, varnishes and glues.
  • To smoothen joints and uneven floors.
  • Bush-Hammering concrete and stone floors.
  • Grinding and polishing floors.
  • For fast exposing of aggregate.

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Samich Academy



The SAMICH Academy has since 1981 educated thousands of satisfied professionals worldwide.

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